The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe


Easy Examples of the real Claims for Possession.


Free English translation.

All basic elements like wood, fire, metal, water, air and earth belong to the world community and may be not claimed to possession by the individuals or groups as not as may be affected unauthorised or be processed unauthorised!


Easy Examples for the better Understanding:

If somebody calls a villa to the value of 1.5 million euros of one`s own, what can be never possible in honest way, even if an inheritance or a profit payment should have led to this sum, (there always other will have invested their health by the industrialisation or highly technical aid, their time and strength in these sums), the villa can be sold for maximum 100,000 Kroner after a careful check of an ownership claim.

The money is transferred basically by a cashless payment on the suitable account of a bank, so that this payment is held on electronically for the transition period and cannot be exceed worldwide.

If the account holder has at disposal more than only one villa, as for example a summer cottage to the value of 80,000 euro, then he can receive no more other money for that summer cottage.

Should he give away or leave the summer cottage to his children bequeath, the exact circumstances will have to be checked, before a permission of the children may be given for the sales of the summer cottage, which occurred through a donation or inheritance.

It must be planned on the fact that with insufficient consideration in the matter and commission of our Lord the villas and luxury flats of the rich will be removed, so that these residential possibilities can become free for the suitable select circles and will be made available.

The next Example:

The multi-billionaire Mr. Zuckermann could presumably claim to have earned honestly the property by his skill and by his risk readiness, what also can stretch the truth.

For his services, which he has made visual and has developed, which are valuable, indeed at the end of the time, he needs worldwide e. g. power, he needs satellites and the production of accumulators en masse, he needs high-level poisons of heavy metals for the production of a mobile phone or for the PC's and he needs a lot of manpower by his fellow men and the time and the interest of the users.

Many pollutants are released by the production for this visual digital world by means of hardware and software as well as the "ceiling of the earth" is affected by the variety of the required satellites negatively.

Many people suffer from headaches and other heavy illnesses, which have also originated from the production of the made "digital world".

Not to mentioned from the generated power and the unnoticed and been known escapes of the nuclear energy, which comes from the nuclear reactors.

Therefor a lot of people contribute to the fact that e. g.  Mr. Zuckermann has become an exceedingly rich man and other have thereby become exceedingly ill or even had to die, what comparatively with the material wealth of Mr. Zuckermann bears no fair relation to the achievements of his fellow men because, he may call the clear profit of his own.

An exceedingly exact check must occur basically to be able to found out the actual private evidence of ownership in the today's dimensions of some individuals, what always must become questioned!

Another Example:

Too the dryness of the last years in these dimensions in the area of Africa or Asia also has reasons, which are caused primarily by the capitalists and their inexhaustible possibilities, however, thereby people of the affected regions must flee or starve of the dryness or must die of thirst.

Please note:

The more property or claims for possession the individuals have at disposal or the more material claim the individuals, ever more the life become dangerously for everybody and for altogether, if these individuals have no respect for the Creation and their fellow men!


The exaggerated fees, as e. g. of the sportsman or football player, actor and singer, as well as the fees of many of the artists and authors bears in no manner a reasonable relation to an usable and realized achievement, because it concerns as a rule the entertainment value, by which the psyche is served and no remaining values are created!


Germany, Luebeck, 03rd of August, 2018

My person will not stop persisting on the preservation of her very hardly deserving pocket money without further ado by the German bank and calling additionally the compensatory measures of the "high service" of every individual worldwide, but the pocket money is bound to two basics and is required for a long time, although the given time limit of my person is already crossed for months!

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