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Winner and Loser

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Ährenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

To all
Strata of the Population


Lübeck, May 1st, 2020

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May Day

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Readers, My Dear Little Devils, and .....................,

Today my person has to use a phrasing of a letter again to make up a document that unfortunately reflects the reality.

Now it is quite official: The little children of the daycare centers have already borne the heavy loads of their parents and of the society, and have done so for years!

It also becomes clear in many of the young people who have already carried too much burden through family life and only want to get intoxicated or go to ground and still others are only active as actors, each with his own direction, but often, and that with ease, someone else can direct!

Unfortunately, the mothers of small children and children already belong to this category of society and are almost forced to return to work despite the child or children, certainly also because today's marriage is not particularly secure, preferably for women and mothers, and the husband often indirectly expects his wife to make a financial contribution to the household!

Now it is enough, you would-be spinners!

Immediately you will all take note of reality together, because my time is almost over, you would-be and silly geese!

You and others will find out about the exact state of our earth and truthfully inform the population about this state and about the time pressure that has arisen, not only by people with doctoral degrees and professorial degrees, but by people with a healthy mind and by someone with a sceptred title, you insolent sick louts!

Immediately only the mothers with children who are seriously ill in this society will be allowed to resume their work, so that the affected children do not perish.* (Only possible for a limited time) !!

All others will immediately receive their fair and taxable wages from the state as housewives and mothers and will start their work as such a paid woman in the household!

* As already indicated on the Internet, a corona virus or a mutation in the Cor 19 virus can also attack and threaten children in the most dangerous form, as has already happened in Great Britain and Spain.

A woman of today will only be allowed to take a leadership position during the transition period to a new age and must be at least 50 years old.

Otherwise, only exceptional women may be allowed, especially if they have remained childless, which can also make sense!

All other women in management positions, who do not want to vacate the staff positions, will have to face corresponding coercive measures, which can also be carried out by the millitary service or the Federal Police!

As the persons responsible, have these positions of a management position immediately stuffed by filling them exclusively with more mature women from the age of 50 without a child's household or with more mature men!

If possible, the introduction to the relevant subject of the respective managerial position should take place via the Internet through the social commitment of the young mothers for a limited time.

Through these and other measures, the mothers of children will not only be financially secure, since the excessively high fixed costs of the family will initially have to be paid by another measure from the community fund, but a corresponding appropriate social component will result from this measure, so that the amount the fixed costs paid due to the social commitment of the parents or the parent must be significantly higher than that of people who are therefore charged less high fixed costs!

That`s the end of individual ownership, be it the landlords, the financial sharks or shareholders, because the earth has not asked after it for a long time!

You and others like you should be given a good hiding onto the sick ass and that with full force!

Take note that you will be incapacitated, if you do not obey!

You and other leaders are basically just very humble and small contemporaries whose live at too high expenses of others, thinking from today to tomorrow and by being all about success, victory or enjoyment in your mind, but what really matters and what's really going on, you and your kind have no idea!

You buy everything you can get and are already in front of my door again!

But I will teach you and your kind!

You and others like you will bitterly regret this and much more, because just as you played with the end, the end will play with you!

Under the special guidance of my person it will not be a walk in the park and nobody will be bedded of roses.

You are basically only alive because the right is on the side of my degree, but this right can also change, if you want to continue to ignore the state of things through your pathological behavior by distorting the clear facts!

You and your kind will do what you have been told and what you will be asked to do, by truthfully informing the population about the state of the earth by post, radio or Internet and you will voluntarily hand over the "worldwide business" to the right place of my degree, by starting immediately across Europe, so that the poorer countries of the world can join as quickly as possible and all other major powers or nuclear powers will immediately end the exploitation of the earth and the underground nuclear tests!

Please do you and your kind better not forget: The next epidemic is sure to come, but who will be the main affected ones, is the big question to which there is already an answer!

That`s the end with your pathological psychology, which only serves the repression process!

Best wishes for your speedy recovery

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Homework

For a future, please consider where and how the small mini flat-cell batteries, which more and more are coming on the market, have been disposed of.

Not only the quartz-wristwatches, but also the hearing-aids and many small technical devices are operated by these small flat-cell batteries.

What do you think, where are these disposed cells, these small dead, run-down or full flat-cell batteries, and will have already decomposed and where the substances harm the body and can be found in the end?

But not in earnest again in the earth?

Note: Get everyone a mechanical-wristwatch and raid the market of the quartz-wristwatches, also so that everybody can get a reasonable understanding of time again by winding up one`s wristwatch every day and realizing that a new day is beginning and the sun has risen all over again, which is no longer a matter of course, you sick spinners!

* May 2, 2020 Document checked.

The Basis of the Matter is and shall remain the Earth!

Time is short, because the earthquakes usually always follow large volcanic eruptions in completely different centers of the earth.

This happens more and more often and even more intensively, even if experts deny it as usual!

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